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Radial Neuropathy the Wrist Drop of Saturday Night Palsy

So here’s the scenario. It’s Saturday night and I’ve had a long week. I hit the bars and tip back one or two too many. Stumbling out of the last bar, I find I can’t make it past the city park without landing on my nose, so I plop onto a park bench. Slinging an arm over the back of the bench to stabilize myself, I fall into a deep slumber. Now it’s Sunday morning and the sun is shining, the birds are singing and I’ve got […]

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Peroneal Neuropathy Waiting for the Other Foot to Drop

A “foot-drop” is a medical term which–thankfully–does not mean that the foot suddenly disconnects from the leg. Rather, it means that when the leg is lifted from the ground, the foot droops downward at the ankle. The muscles that are supposed to prop up the foot have become so weakened that they cannot overcome gravity’s downward pull. When people with this problem try to walk, they have to either hike the leg higher to clear their drooping toes or else risk tripping over them. What is to […]

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